Life, Love, and Passports

Project deadlines and the creatively challenged

Firstly I’d like to admit that I was the kid at school who just didn’t bother with projects. The only project I ever participated in was one about Halley’s comet and it was a group effort. I had beautiful handwriting so I was trusted with writing other people’s ideas and of course the class presentation because what some children had in creativity they seemed to lack in public speaking. Shocking now that I think about it perhaps I should see it as each pupil maximizing their potential. In my family my older sister would make our family virtually bankrupt in an attempt to have the best project. In my defence I always helped my brother and he always did well. What was wrong with me?

This summer holiday was always going to be clouded in memories of my serious lack of creativity. My seven-year old had to create a model from recycled material for her ‘saving the environment’ project. My heart just sank because unless she had some serious creative spark it was always going to be difficult. Art and crafts are a world away from having to assist with a piece of art work that has to be taken to school. Like my skills shortage when it comes to knitting and drawing, creating recognisable pieces of work was always going to be a challenge.

In true me form I’ve left the making of a recycled robot dog on hold with less than five days to go until the new school year starts. The pressure is immense because in some way if my child pitches up without her summer project or a less than impressive attempt that would be the first impression her new teacher has of her. I’ve spent most of the summer trying to convince her to make a recycled house because I’m really good at stacking boxes and wrapping them too. My children wonder why all of their friends get puzzles or books for their birthdays I tell them it’s educational. Fact is boxes just look so much more professional when wrapped as opposed to oblong or soft toys. When all else fails I turn to the trusted gift bag.

Fortunately for me (sigh of relief!) my daughter has a very clear idea what needs to be done and my job is to make sure she has all the components. So far it looks on track and I’ve had to do very little. It’s been said that it’s never too late to try something new but then again the same has been said about teaching an old dog new tricks. I’m up for the challenge!


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