Life, Love, and Passports

First day fears

Today was the start of a new school year for my girls and they were pretty excited for all of the new adventures that lie ahead. When I watched them just go about their business on the playground greeting old friends and interacting like they’d been away for just a day it made my heart sing.

I can’t really remember my first days at school but I imagine I just went along with all the other kids from my neighbourhood. Unlike the emphasis that is now placed on familiarizing children with their teachers and surroundings we just popped up at school and adjusted. None of the ‘meet your new teacher for next year day’ so you feel at home when you start or return on your first day.

What I do remember is always being afraid of oversleeping. The dreams I’ve had of missing appointments or arriving unprepared for events are enough to give me temporary insomnia. Sadly that hasn’t changed even as a mother. The chances of my girls explaining to the school that they’re late because their mother has overslept is a huge probability. So while they were pretty relaxed last night I was overcome by the fear of being stuck in holiday mode. After waking up close to morning tea time for about six weeks I couldn’t imagine being ready for the school run on time. Quite disturbing considering the run only starts at eight thirty.

After realising that my plan to stay awake all night wasn’t feasible I decided to set three separate wake up calls. Oh the irony of life I was wide awake before the first chime and had all the time in the world to just waste. I’m so glad to have my first day back at school behind me and knowing that I’m capable of being a responsible mother…until the next first day!


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