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The new king of Scotland

It was just over two months ago that I reported on team Murray so I just thought it would be fair to publicly note my knowledge of Andy Murray’s win at the US open last night or early hours of this morning depending which side of the pond you live. After watching his unbridled show of emotion after he failed to clinch the Wimbledon title then his joy at winning a gold medal at the Olympic games (by the way I totally disagree with tennis being played at the Olympics!) you couldn’t help but feel after all the years of coming so close to a grand slam title his time to be crowned on any surface was edging closer.

I imagine there were many people who stayed awake until the wee hours of this morning just waiting for a Murray result I wasn’t one of them. I didn’t even make it past the first set because it seemed a bit obvious after a rather long rally that the game would possibly go to five sets and I just wasn’t prepared to lose any sleep. The first thing I did this morning after been yanked by my alarm clock from my glorious sleep was to check the sports section and I was really relieved when I discovered that Murray had been victorious while I slept.

There is now no doubt in my mind that people will be calling for a knighthood for him. In recent years the queen has been known to hand them out like Smarties to sportsmen and women. Perhaps the downside to winning in an Olympic year particularly a rather successful one at that, the chances are ever so slim. Forget the knighthood I recommend he becomes crowned the king of Scotland. Long live king Andy!


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