Life, Love, and Passports

The enemy’s camp

There haven’t been too many moments in my spectating life that I have felt totally outnumbered. Last night was one of those moments at a cricket game where South African fans were totally outnumbered. The only thing that will make you feel superior in that situation is a total obliteration of the home team. Sadly that was not the case at the Edgbaston cricket ground and on the contrary we became a statistic in terms of a dismal over in the shortest form of the game which lasts for just twenty overs. I guess we could defend our team by pointing out the game was shortened due to the usual party spoiler – the rain. Any cricket fan knows it’s no fun if it’s not in the sun!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about I feel really sad for you because cricket is an amazing sport and it should be compulsory for citizens particularly of cricket playing nations to have some knowledge of this beautiful game. My girls were unimpressed but I’ve assured them the game will grow on them because as we know some things take a little longer to learn after all this is not football. I do love football but these two cannot be compared.

The Proteas tour of England ended last night on a less than fantastic note but the magic continues as the team travel to Sri Lanka for the Twenty20 world cup. If you don’t watch cricket now is the time to start. I promise you won’t regret it. I crossed the enemy’s line and it turned out to be rather entertaining. Its well documented that we didn’t have the last laugh which no doubt would’ve made a difference.
Come join me and other cricket crazy fans cheering for fours, sixes, wickets and magical catches. You won’t like cricket you will love it!


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