Life, Love, and Passports

Affectionately yours – hand holding decoded

I love watching couples and how they interact. Of course in life there are always extremes with some showing no affection publicly and others going totally over the top with their public display of affection. I guess the question is how much is too much? Is it ever too much?

The display of affection may just have everything to do with people’s personalities. I imagine then that if opposites really do attract it can’t be very easy being overtly affectionate and then sharing your affections with a stone. Perhaps affectionate actions can be taught. After all it may just be learnt behaviour that needs modifying. Hand holding can tell you so much about a couple. I thoroughly enjoy observing hand holding grips. I’m not qualified to make an assessment but I’ll let you in on my weird thought process.

The interleaved fingers is my favourite grip because it’s secure and generally you have to inform the other person of your intention to stop the hand holding. Perhaps a sign of commitment.
The solid grip where he or she is in charge and I call this the airport or shopping mall grip. Being dragged along usually at the ‘grippers’ pace.
The loosely held grip comes across as a duty rather than a choice. This grip is okay when dating and usually follows the request to have your hand held.
Finally the pinky grip! What is that all about? A total lack of commitment and control in my unprofessional opinion. Thinking about the pinky grip now makes me wince.

Couples show affection in many different ways so if you’re not holding hands that’s okay. I guess the bottom line is if you love someone show them in a love language they understand.


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