Life, Love, and Passports

Fear factor

Whenever I think of Disney movies I think of adventure, action, romance and achieving the impossible. Fear is not an emotion I expected my young children to be gripped by when I took them to watch Brave, the latest instalment from Disney. I realise that the movie was rated PG but I didn’t expect to shield them from scenes which were more terrorising than entertaining. I must admit it was not the relaxing morning I had in mind.

I’m not much of a movie goer and would rather wait for the action to come to me. So my trip to the cinema this morning was more of a motherly duty because the kids always seem to place a little more value on a trip to the cinema with the obligatory purchase of overpriced treats which cost way more than the movie itself. Armed with what seemed like a giant fizzy drink and a truckload of popcorn they were certainly clueless about the absolute fear that would ruin what would’ve been a magical experience.

Walking out of that building and hearing my girls describe the movie as scary was not a good feeling. I felt like I’d made a poor choice. It seems that I’ll have to do some research in the future instead of the screen giants deciding on an appropriate age restriction. Personally I would’ve placed it at PG 10 and that of course is my personal opinion. After all fear and fun should never be confused!

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