Life, Love, and Passports

Do you come here often?

I’d like to start off by saying I have never had the privilege or misfortune of a potential suitor approaching me with a winning one liner or a reliable pick up line. I guess in life you can never say never because today I was finally a recipient of a pick up line so overused it needed a little more personality or even charm to keep it afloat. I was horrified to say the least when I was approached with a “do you come here often?”. My response was perhaps over the top but seriously if you’re gonna use a pick up line you should have a bag full of them for different venues.

After weeks of having my girls at home I finally got to go to the mall alone and do what I want. After some shopping I decided to get a snack and I must admit I was feeling slightly vulnerable being out on my own so when I had my limited space invaded I felt totally smothered. I’ve never really noticed how limited the space is that’s provided for people dining alone. Once I was seated I felt like I was on a bus or some kind of waiting room. Just thinking about those tables makes me feel claustrophobic.

So contact had been made by a complete stranger and I was less than impressed. I stood up left the hatch and requested a new seat. I’m so glad I decided to relocate because I was given a family table for myself and then a strange thing happened I started to feel really conspicuous eating alone in the family zone.

I eventually settled down and when i was done made a mad dash for the parking because I couldn’t risk being followed then asked “do you park here often?”.


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