Life, Love, and Passports

Eagle eyes

After much discussion, debate and trepidation I took my seven-year old to have her eyes tested. Having had to wear spectacles for what is officially most of my life I had really hoped it would be different for my children. I’m well aware that there are many other limitations that people have to cope with but this is just my view on a first hand problem. I can’t imagine what life must be like with 20/20 vision because the minute I open my visually challenged eyes I have to reach for my spectacles.

Whilst sitting at the optometrist and watching my usually bright offspring struggling to recognise letters of the alphabet my nightmare of having a child with poor eyesight was unfolding before my own imperfect vision. The final verdict was that she’d need to wear them for watching telly and reading the white board at school (funny how things change because I needed them for the blackboard over 20 years ago!). She’ll be reassessed in three months and I’m praying for a miracle.

I must admit her immediate acceptance of this very obvious change to her young life was met with much more maturity than I can ever remember having when I was informed by Dr. Naidoo that I’d have to wear my rather awful looking Sophia Loren type glasses at school. I wore them far less than I should’ve and this was mainly due to ignorant kids at school. It was only in my early twenties after being told by a certain Dr. Moffat that ‘boys still make passes at girls in glasses’ all these years later the words of that optometrist still has me favouring my glasses over contact lens.

It’s true that nobody is perfect and yesterday I was afforded another opportunity to teach my girls the importance of looking beyond physical imperfections!


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