Life, Love, and Passports

Anti Slavery Day

It’s estimated that there are about 27million people in slavery. That is a staggering statistic and each number represents people being held against their men, woman and children. Human trafficking has become a very lucrative evil with people being bought and sold like cattle at a auction. People are being tortured, misused and abused. No doubt there are long term psychological effects for those who are lucky enough to be rescued.

Today is a day to highlight the plight of those being misled and tricked into activities they would’ve never chosen for themselves. Across the world people are taken against their will and forced into labour, domestic servitude, forced marriage, forced begging, sexual exploitation or removal of organs. The United Nations is leading the fight to end human trafficking in our lifetime.

The numbers are daunting but we can all get involved by reporting suspicious behaviour and activities to local police. Education is key and once we become aware of the tricks of the trade we can help to alleviate modern-day slavery one person at a time. Nobody should be bought or sold!

There are some awesome organisations working to get the message out about human trafficking. Shout out to Stop the traffik, A21 campaign, Hope for justice and many more. Get involved wherever you are!


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