Life, Love, and Passports

Never gonna give you up

Now if you read the blog title and didn’t immediately think of Rick Astley I’m afraid it may be a bridge too far for you to understand my gushing account of one of my favourite music artists of the fabulous 80s.

Last night I felt firmly in my teens as I left home to meet up with a friend who is half my age (young enough to be my daughter!). I was trying to function normally because the absolute giddiness I had been suffering from for almost 24 hrs was now reaching fever pitch. I had no idea what to expect but it soon became apparent as we entered the venue that I was an admirer of his work and far from a crazy fan because the absolute commitment from some of the fans was amusing to say the least. The two things which stood out the most was the Rick clone and a woman with an original album cover from 1987.

The performance got underway and I was not disappointed the quality of his voice was as I remembered and I was transported back in time to carefree days and thoughts of childhood stupidity mostly. He did a spectacular job singing hit after hit and entertaining the crowd of little over 400 people. Curtains came down and farewell waves and squeals for more music ended at around 2230. As I headed home I couldn’t help but chuckle because I really felt that the organisers had done their homework by getting us out of there not too long after our bedtime.

I threw myself into my bed with aching feet and at that point the teenage delusions were well and truly over and I wondered how old Rick will feel after a few more nights. The reality of last night was that none of us are as we were at the height of the 80s. I had a very entertaining evening and I’m more than happy to admit that I’m not as young and certainly don’t feel as young as I used to be. Bring on the twilight years!


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