Life, Love, and Passports


Sweet Revenge

So I’ve been watching a series called Revenge and for the most part I couldn’t figure if I loved it or hated it. I must admit I admired the research and effort put in by the lead character, Emily. I absolutely disliked the fact that I often found myself supporting her evil schemes. I really worried that it may show exactly what type of character I truly am. I’ve long-held the view that people who wrong you should be forgiven but occasionally in my life I’ve dreamed elaborate plans to get back at people who had wronged me. Perhaps this is why in a sick kind of way I really admired Emily because she did what I only dreamed.

The downside of a vengeful persons life as demonstrated by Emily is the loneliness and feeling of complete emptiness. As the curtain came down on series 1, the sight of her heartbroken and being no closer to being free from a life of vengeance just proved how futile payback can be. I’m not suggesting that wrongdoers should be let off but their punishment should be left to those in authority if they’ve broken a law. Personal offence is a seperate issue of which I’m sure most of us have had to deal with it. How we deal with this says volumes about us.

There is nothing sweet about revenge it just leaves you bitter not better. Forgive, forget and move on!


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