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Frivolity of the bowling alley

My girls are huge fans of the bowling alley. Yesterday it became quite clear that my total lack of seriousness of the game was in poor taste according to my five and seven year old anyway. They’ve both reached the stage where competition and achievement are important. It’s the taking part theory is of no interest to them.

My highlight at the bowling alley is the recent announcement that it’s no longer necessary to wear those regulated bowling shoes. I must admit that I do sleep easier at night knowing I haven’t shared a pair of potential athlete foot infested shoes. The very thought of those shoes gives me itchy feet.

So we bowled our way through our game. I’ve learnt very early on that unless you’re a professional bowler the harder you try the more things seem to go wrong. We had a great time as usual and look forward to another bowling session filled with strikes, gully balls and total misses!

2 responses

  1. What? No bowling shoes required? I may have to try bowling again. 🙂

    October 24, 2012 at 8:13 pm

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