Life, Love, and Passports

Going up?

There are some things in this life that will never make sense to me and I suppose not everything is meant to.

Whilst waiting to get into an elevator today it just occurred to me that people have very different ideas about the purpose of this amazing invention and the etiquette required. I’ll understand if I come across as a little bored but you’ll probably find you’ve encountered some if not all of these ‘lift personalities’.

There’s something about standing outside a lift having pressed the direction you wish to go. A little while later a user arrives and upon seeing the already lit button proceeds to press that very button as if there’s some kind of magical split ahead.
Let’s call this the platform for temporary time travel. A place where common people wait for their turn in an orderly fashion and when your turn arrives some unruly passenger jumps the queue by sliding in. At this point everybody mumbles but nobody is brave to really speak out!

If you’re lucky enough to get in and be the first occupant when the lift arrives you’re a winner because you get to choose your destination. Fear not it’s just a floor away before a rocket scientist joins the journey and once again the already lit button no.3 is pressed again. I’ve yet to figure out why people do this. Do you know?

Finally, I really wish people would realise the elevator is not your personal possession and based on this obvious fact personal space is not guaranteed. Making shifty movements, folding arms, placing feet apart, pretending you’re moulded to your space is not cool. Please move along and realise that everybody finds the journey unpleasant at the best of time.

Safe journey!


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