Life, Love, and Passports

Helping hand

I’ve been volunteering at the local food bank for just over a year now. While it started out as a way of helping people in need, I had no idea that it would change me in so many positive ways. I’ve been forced to look inside myself and to deal with many indifferences and perhaps judgements which I hadn’t realised were such a part of my make up.

I’ve worked with so many volunteers who’ve impacted my life with their positive attitudes and caring manner. As it turns out the food bank is not just about food it’s so much more. Meeting people from various walks of life with very different circumstances really does stretch you and sometimes leaves you in tears.

Today was one of those emotionally draining days where the food parcel was a very small part of our service to the community. I walked away feeling so grateful for all that I have because looking inside constantly can make you selfish. I’m so glad I signed up to help when I did. If you have an opportunity to serve in your community do it. You’ll be surprised you might just be the one being helped.


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