Life, Love, and Passports

Breakfast of champions

My five year old Gemma announced this morning that she was too cold to eat cereal and drink a glass of juice. Her preferred meal was oats and some warm milo. My heart soared for some strange reason and I knew I had to do a fantastic job.

Having grown up on oats I do realise that it can absolutely ruin a persons day if not done just right. So to me it’s quite simple the secret is to make it not too runny and definitely no lumps. I managed to deliver a perfect bowl of Scottish oats ( Jungle oats if you’re from my part of the world). I’m proud to report that she ate every last morsel and I gave myself the Goldilocks stamp of approval!

Most mornings I’m like a headless chicken and apart from my obligatory coffee I really don’t have time for much else. My spin on a champions breakfast this morning was skipping my coffee completely and replacing it with rooibos tea. I’m not convinced that being caffeine free is the way forward for me. My far too frequent migraines suggest it may be time to try a different way.

I’m not sure how long my resolution will last but I’m more than ready to try the breakfast of champions.


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