Life, Love, and Passports

Decaf please!

Sadder words have never been spoken in a coffee shop. I must confess when I’d hear people utter this ridiculous request I’d shake my head in disbelief. Honestly you walk into a coffee shop and your choice is coffee with very little of the poison that makes it worth defiling your body for. At that point I want to suggest that perhaps hot chocolate would make the most sense.
Oh, how quickly my world has changed.

I walked into a coffee shop Costa coffee to be precise because I’ve got a private boycott against Starbucks who’ve been dodging taxes here in the Uk but that is a blog for another day!
I walked up to the counter and could barely bring myself to utter the dreaded request “decaf please”. You see it’s been almost three weeks now that I had to make the very difficult decision to stop drinking fully leaded coffee. Now I’m not certain if it’s purely psychological but I feel much better since reducing my caffeine intake.

The withdrawal symptoms have completely subsided and I was feeling slightly foolish in the beginning for acting like I’d survived something fatal. Being out and drinking coffee is a integral part of my life. So yes I’m really grateful that decaf is an option. To all the hardcore coffee drinkers think of me when you put that beautiful poison to your mouth!


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