Life, Love, and Passports

Guidelines to surviving Monday

I have a love/hate relationship with Mondays sometimes I win and other times I barely survive. Try as I may to prepare myself for the most disliked day of the week I seem find myself grappling with an impossible task.

Having gone to bed at midnight it was always going to be a difficult start to the day. Late nights for me always mean late starts in the morning. In my defence though I have become a rather accomplished time chaser. Having said that I must admit it’s no fun trying to get three kids to do the same.

Here are my guidelines
1. Go to bed early
2. Wake up and get out of bed when the alarm goes off (easier said than done!)
3. Preparation, preparation and preparation the day before.

I guess my problem lies with these guidelines I don’t implement any of them. The week has started and I’ve made it through the day. The best thing about Mondays they come around often enough for me to try to make them work. Take heart if it’s been a difficult one for you it won’t always be that way!


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