Life, Love, and Passports

Power of the tongue

I’m looking forward to the day when people realise that reckless uttering does have a deep impact on others. In these days of freedom of speech and the right to make your feelings known there is only one aspect of this behaviour that is evident and it’s name is selfishness! Quite frankly not taking into consideration another persons feelings is just thoughtless. Of course there’s the tendency to claim it is a matter of being honest.

As a person who speaks constantly and loves having an opinion about most things I have to constantly evaluate my comments. Unfortunately some days I get it totally wrong and all I can do is apologise sincerely.
On the other hand there are some overly sensitive people and I try my utmost to limit my conversation with them because having to respond to ‘what do you mean?’ throughout a conversation can be quite draining.

I guess there’s never been a better time to count to ten. Learning to control the tongue is indeed one of the hardest jobs in the world.


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