Life, Love, and Passports

Family, friends, fun and food!

First order of business this morning was to give my blog the biggest virtual hug because I’ve missed my blogging time!

I arrived in South Africa about five days ago and my 7 year old announced very proudly that she was happy to be home and we all were. It’s hard to believe that we’d been away for almost two and a half years but the moment we touched down everything was so familiar. Our reunion with family and friends was truly amazing and made me realize what an exceptional bunch of individuals I have the pleasure of knowing.

We are so blessed to be able to be spending this wonderful time of the year with extended family. My plan is to make every day count! I’ve had to make a special effort to blog today and it may be a while before the next one. So until then keep well and remember it’s the season to share and show love!


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