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Silence of the lambs

Now people who really know me know that I have a low threshold for crying toddlers. So it is a bit strange that I find myself working in the crèche at my church. It’s not that kind of irritated feeling that I experience it is more of a distressing event for me. I’m the type who would give the child anything just to stop the crying. I’ve also decoded the types of crying and thankfully more often than not they’ll just stop when they realise there’s so much fun to be had.

I had a peculiar experience with one of our little people recently and I think I may just opt for crying. I looked over to see the biggest tears falling straight from the eyes to the chest. No sniffling, shaking of shoulders or the muffled request to be reunited with loved ones. Oh no! Just silent rivers of sad tears. I thought my heart would break because my idea of being unhappy means crying accompanied by tears. Crying with no tears is usually put down to attention seeking. Tears with no crying was a first for me and I’m undecided about it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if children laughed and smiled constantly because it certainly is a comfort to us grown ups anyway!


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