Life, Love, and Passports

My version of events

Today I had the very complex job of explaining the history of South Africa to my seven year old and I was taken aback by her obvious emotion. Having moved on from the restrictions that apartheid placed on so many of us and very often being shielded by the terror of that reality by our parents. As I relayed the events of the past it suddenly occurred to me that we had come a very long way.

Children can teach us so much when it comes to integration and acceptance. Her response to the deluge of information was simple but powerful…people are people no matter what colour! It sounds simple because it is.

Very often I meet people who ask about South Africa and on trying to convey the complex intricacies I quickly realise that some things only make sense to us local inhabitants. We’ve come a very long way but the journey ahead is just as long. The upside is that we get better as we move along. So while things seem a bit dark again it’s comforting to know that the darkness doesn’t last forever.

Proudly South African…always!


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