Life, Love, and Passports

Sight for sore eyes

It’s just a little over three months now that Charis my seven year old needed to start wearing spectacles. At the time I was really sad for her to be making that kind of adjustment at her age. Fortunately she embraced the change and the transition has been smooth. Today was the day that she was reassessed and and once again I felt quite sad that her prescription had to change because her eyes had deteriorated not by a major margin but they had changed significantly enough! I love her positive attitude and her excitement was peaked at the idea of choosing a new frame so soon after the first.

Funnily enough it was the first time Gemma my five year old would have her eyes tested. When I told her she had an appointment at the optometrist she was overjoyed and immediately informed me of her possible choices for frames. I was really taken aback because when I was at school nobody was keen to wear glasses and it became apparent that it has now evolved into something quite glamorous. Sadness for her and joy for me when the optometrist declared she had no need for glasses.

Being a parent really is a journey of many twists and turns and at the moment we’re still adjusting to physical changes. I love being a parent and all I want is for my girls to be happy no matter what challenges they face.


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