Life, Love, and Passports

Mirror! Mirror!

While out and about doing some shopping which required me to enter the fitting room and may I just say how much I dislike going into those little rooms with mirrors that lie. I know for a fact that they lie because whenever I get home I’m never half as convinced as I was in the store about the way the garments fit. Perhaps it’s the dim lighting and manipulating music that leads to poor decision making. So there I was waiting for my turn to have my garments counted and a far too small cubicle to be allocated when an elderly woman stepped out from behind the curtain to ask for the opinion from the gentleman she was with. I was so impressed by the very detailed feedback he gave to her and realised that was what I needed someone to give me an honest assessment instead of relying on a shady mirror.

My husband is quite helpful when he shops with me now that I’ve coached him on the do’s and don’ts of giving opinions in the fitting room. The first rule is you only get one chance to have a first reaction and though it may sound stupid it is the biggest decider. After building up the courage to emerge from behind the door or curtain and step into a public space the last thing you want is a negative response. Even though the garment may not fit perfectly the fact that you’ve chosen it may suggest that you hoped it was. I always feel really stupid and exposed when I step into the aisle and sheepishly ask “how does it look babe?” It’s at this point that he spills out all the responses I expect to hear from him after taking this massive risk.

Of course being the type of shopper I am I’m never really convinced until I get home and my mirror says I am indeed the fairest of them all!


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