Life, Love, and Passports

What’s in a name?

As it turns out it’s much more than I initially thought. There was so much thought and research put into choosing our daughters names and of course we think they suit them and their personalities brilliantly. Sadly we didn’t think much further than that like the moment that they go to school. Up until now this name writing phase has passed relatively fuss free until my last born went to nursery with her nine letter name. Granted there is some repetition the sheer length seems to be draining the enthusiasm out of her ability to learn.

I’m as keen as the next person to see my children grow and develop but for goodness sake my baby is just over two months shy of her fourth birthday. I was a overgrown six and a bit years old when I first put my foot in a classroom. I literally went from home straight to school and my teacher Miss Redman proceeded to teach me how to spell and write my name (ironically it’s nine letters as well). Alas, the education system is very different here in the Uk than it is in my native South Africa. So I guess making the mental adjustment is key.

Gabrielle is due to start ‘big’ school in September and I’ve no doubt she would’ve mastered her name writing by then. It just breaks my heart to hear reports from her teacher that my baby feels anxious about not being able to write her name. Really? Anxious? Personally I don’t think she’d care that much if it wasn’t made an issue at school.
We’ve done our part now and my little girl is sat at the table with her older sisters practicing and improving her writing skills in a specially chosen book.

My only regret now is that we didn’t name her Mia because that would’ve made her life so much easier and this might have been a totally different blog!



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