Life, Love, and Passports

For sale : Humans

How did I get here you ask?
As you look on me with fierce judgement in your eyes
Your plastic smile struggles to hide the hatred you actually feel for me

My sexy clothes, my bad make-up, my shame…
You think I wear them as a crown but you are wrong
These wounds run deep you see

Tell me your story you say
Why? So you can help?
Oh please, I have heard that before
You listen, you weep, then continue with your life
You don’t understand
These wounds run deep

He used to visit me each night
A monster he was, the man I called dad
He took away my virginity
The precious part that made me a kid
The outcome is all you see
You don’t get that
These wounds run deep

“I love you”, he said
My very first crush
I will give you the world but…

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