Life, Love, and Passports

Snow patrol

I have a love/hate relationship with snow. It really is very magical while watching the white dust fall like perfect flakes from the sky usually from the comfort of my warm house. So after much warning the blizzard had appeared and my first bit of business when I woke up was to inform the school I wouldn’t be making the treacherous trip because I’m just not built for snow well my car isn’t anyway!

My girls were super excited when they finally woke up and realised they had a snow day. The plan for their day was simple watch as much telly as possible then go out and inspect the snowfall and of course the obligatory making of snow angels.
Everything looked captivating covered in snow up to and including the dustbins. My absolute favourite is the virgin snow and of course I feel really privileged to place my footprints in it as if it will last forever. All of this is the good part of course.

While enjoying the snow the complaints are coming thick and fast about traffic congestion, grounded flights and power outages. Fortunately for me I’m not dealing with any of these problems but I am already dreading watching this picturesque snow turn to black sludge. Why does snow have to be such a double edged sword? Nevertheless I’ll enjoy this glorious event until it all starts to go wrong.


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