Life, Love, and Passports

You’ve been framed

A couple of days ago I happily approached a young man who I was absolutely sure I had met before and by before I mean about a fortnight ago. Perhaps this was my error! Now I’m not somebody who is easily embarrassed but my over friendly greeting had me running for cover after I’d made a total spectacle of myself. I think what made it worse was his deadpan expression which said so many things without saying anything at all.

Please tell me I am not alone in this mistaken identity game. I practically squirmed away from the unidentified subject and immediately sort out an accomplice to agree that the similarities were uncanny. Sadly it seems I was completely confused.

I just hope wherever this young man is he is not telling a tale of a crazy woman with an obvious problem with remembering people she claims to know. I’d like to announce that with the other life changing gadgets I dream of inventing I’ve now added a facial recognition chip! Wouldn’t that be great it would totally eliminate the awkward moment when you just don’t know and you think you know an individual.

I’ve been framed for life in that guys opinion. Here’s to many more close encounters and the inability to remember people, faces and of course names. Have we met before?


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