Life, Love, and Passports

Bed of roses

For the umpteenth time this morning I just struggled to get out of my warm, cosy bed with its super strong arms that refuse to let me get out no matter how hard I try.
I often come across people who lament about their inability to wake up during the winter months. Sadly, I have this problem all year round. I’ve graduated from the snooze button I now set my alarm for three half hour reminders and I still wake up late.

When the weekend rolls around I’m so excited about being able to sleep until i ache. I’m blessed with children who love to sleep as much as I do but then I’m probably just catching up on all the sleepless nights I had courtesy of them. Though like me they do love to push the envelope when it comes to staying up after their bedtime. It’s at that point that I start sounding like my mother “okay just carry on you going to know all about it in the morning.”

When I was in high school I remember my brother and I always staying up late and my mother constantly warning us about the ramifications of our late night antics. Of course we always knew better as you do as a teenager and time after time we were docked at school for late coming. It’s a terrible position to be in when you hate being late but have no desire to climb out of bed.

I have promised before to make an effort to rise with enough time to do chores but I’m slowly edging to the point where I want to accept that the morning madness is part of my life. Perhaps one day I’ll go to bed as early as the chickens and rise with the sun but until then I’m going to curl up and wait for things to change!


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