Life, Love, and Passports

DIY decoded

I never really get the point of people wanting to do their own installations and repairs around the house. Don’t people realise we’ll just put qualified people out of work if every Dick, Tom and Harry figures they can build a wall, tile a floor or paint a gate? Granted there are people who are naturally talented when it comes to all things requiring flair. I am not one of those people and there are some days that I long to just produce something that’s super creative and perhaps jaw dropping. I have some of those friends who just seem to have a truckload of creative talent.

With my husband at work tonight I had to bleed the towel rail and I knew I’d be up to the task once I’d checked out you tube. Thank goodness for this wonderful world of online advice. It’s not the first time that I’ve had to go to these strangers and seek their advice. Just last week the battery died on the fire alarm and I had no idea how to remove it from a very high ceiling. Adding to the challenge I’m a bit afraid of heights and a good friend came to the rescue. Seriously everything seems to fall apart once my husband steps out the door. I feel like life is pushing me to up my game and realise my DIY potential. Okay then life tomorrow I shall top up the windscreen fluid but please don’t let me fill my own petrol!

My husband is a proper DIY man and I really need to pay more attention when he sorts stuff out because no matter how small the need it really has the potential to drive me insane. I’m now looking forward to some time out from these tedious repairs. Come on life let’s find a challenge!


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