Life, Love, and Passports

Hello February

I’m not sure if it’s just my age or if time really is on steroids. I’ve still been wishing people ‘Happy New Year’ up until a few days ago and now this rude awakening to the fact that time has certainly marched on.

February is considered the month of love and though I don’t make any effort when valentines day pops around it does remind me of my high school days when there was a kind of frenzied excitement over anonymous and not so anonymous gestures of admiration and interest. Expectations were high and results were often disappointing.

Oh to be one of the popular girls needing assistance to carry your truck load of flowers and cards received from giddy love struck boys. I was not one of those girls and I recall just one year when I built up the courage to send a card to a really nice boy. I bet you wondering what happened next well sweet nothing because I wasn’t brave enough to sign my name. The fear of rejection outweighed every other teenage intention.

As we head into the month of roses, hearts, blossoming romance and established relationships I hope you’ll make the most of February however you choose to celebrate it.


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