Life, Love, and Passports

Happy anniversary to us

It’s been exactly two years since I registered on the WordPress site. I didn’t start blogging immediately and spent time agonising over what to call my blog and deciding what direction to go. Finally I decided to just do what I know best and that’s to give commentary on issues that interest me. Along the way I’ve developed an interest in issues such as human trafficking, missing persons and food banks.

Blogging has been a wonderful journey so far. I love sharing different aspects of my life and it’s always so rewarding when people identify with what I write. It just reassures me that I’m not alone. So to all of you who take the time to read, comment and subscribe I am so grateful.

I’ve had days where ideas flow like rivers and times when I write, save to draft and then delete. Of course finding ways to share my opinions without being overbearing is just as challenging. So far I think I’ve managed to strike a balance.

Once again thank you from my heart. I look forward to sharing many more stories, experiences and life changing events!


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