Life, Love, and Passports

Licensed to write

Yesterday my 7yr old received her handwriting pen licence. I had no idea there was a standard of writing required to be trusted with a pen. Thinking back to my days in primary school perhaps they should’ve let us prove our worth with ink.

Being able to write with a pen was a highlight and I remember those days so clearly but I’ve always wondered why we just couldn’t bring a reliable pen from home. The right of passage to getting your hands on a pen was so complicated back then. I can actually picture the absolute mess in Room 11. All those desks with ink wells, 9yr olds armed with cheap fountain pens from the corner shop. Of course there was always the child who pitched up with a state of the art fountain pen and it would make no difference to the quality of their handwriting.
I think what our teachers failed to tell us was that writing with a fountain pen was an art not at all like grabbing a ball point pen and getting on with it.

The end of the school day always showed signs of a struggle with tiny fingers looking like they’d had a ink fight and eyesore blotches on uniforms. I can’t remember how long this battle continued I’m certain I was glad to see the end of my fountain pen. These days I write with any pen I can get my hands on.

My daughter is now a qualified pen user and has the certificate to prove it. She has been perfecting her cursive writing with the letter ‘X’ being her foe and finally she has perfected it. I haven’t seen the pen she was awarded because it’s so special it has to stay at school. Huh!
It’s not the end though because she’s been informed about ongoing pen skill assessment and failure to maintain the standard will result in her licence being revoked. Really? It is just a pen isn’t it?


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