Life, Love, and Passports

Have your say!

These three words have become an invitation for people the world over to unleash their every thought and opinion. I seem to have this incurable problem of always having to read the comments section whether on news sites, blogs, facebook and even trends on twitter. I’m always so interested to read people’s thoughts because I think it usually says much about the individual whether or not they realise it. This incessant need to be right and in some cases to just be rude really intrigues me every time. Countless usually faceless people criticising the way people look as if you could magically change your physical appearance. Does it really hurt that much to say something positive or just say nothing at all? Apparently not because it seems the quickest way to get noticed these days on social networks is to say mean and outrageous things. This usually means picking on defenceless people and in my opinion this is where the bullies and bullying should be curbed.

Obviously I love having my say and having a blog allows me to do that. After blogging for two years I can honestly say that this week was the first time I could not and would not give a public opinion of a headline which had the whole world talking, judging and even passing sentence. Yes! I have an opinion and I’m waiting to have my say but this time I’ll just sit it out. After all opinion has never counted as fact not as far as I know anyway. Oscar Pistorius deserves his day in court in this case I think I’ll let the courts decide.

Fact: A young woman has lost her life in the most tragic of circumstances. Rest in peace Reeva Steenkamp!


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