Life, Love, and Passports

My baking challenge…so far

Just in case you’ve been wondering what’s happened in the baking department since I first blogged about my desire to conquer the world of baking. Well I’ve been quite busy trying my hand at new things. Some with major success and others were just destined for the trash can. Needless to say I felt let down when things didn’t turn out right. There was far too much post flop analysis and the failures were duly placed on the never to repeat list.

Since I embarked on my baking challenge my idea was to bake at least one new thing each week. My challenge was briefly interrupted during my 3 week holiday in South Africa but I’m not complaining. It was a wonderful chance to eat well loved favourites though on my return I realised I hadn’t had any of my mothers delicious scones. No point asking for a recipe because my mother is one of those people who just has the special gift of not using measuring equipment. I can’t wait to reach that point with my baking.

While out for for dinner last night my girls wanted chocolate brownies for dessert and my husband suggested that I should make them from scratch and I did just that. My greatest reward at the moment is having my family applaud my effort. The girls were so impressed with the outcome and requested a repeat today. So to date I’ve attempted a carrot cake, Italian hazelnut cake, bread pudding, scones and of course my safe bake cupcakes. All in all I think it’s been going well. I did take a detour from the baking by making my first ever plum jam.

There are some big challenges on the horizon like bread making but that is going to require the very best of my limited baking skills. I’m gearing up for the challenge!


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