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Growing pains

Today we took another major step as parents when our daughters got their ears pierced. They’ve been asking for some time now and we’ve always managed to change the conversation and prolong this very important step. We did persuade our youngest to wait just a little longer. She has no idea it may be three more years.

I do realise that it may not be a big deal for many parents who choose to have their children’s ears pierced as soon as they can. So while we’re filling out an ear piercing application form I realise how things have changed since I had my little ears pierced. Everything seems so much more complicated these days.

Having chatted to many parents and after discussing the do’s and don’ts for their respective families it is very apparent that one shoe doesn’t fit all. Some mothers have gasped in an almost disgusted way when they notice that I paint my girls nails something I have no problem doing I just think its a girly thing much like carrying a handbag. Being a parent means having to make decisions and choices for your children and sometimes with them.

The piercing went off without a hitch apart from the slight wincing and that was understandable. Tonight we have a chuffed 7 and 5yr old who are very pleased with the outcome. We are now secretly hoping that it will be a while before we have to agree to another major decision. Well what was a major decision for us anyway!


2 responses

  1. You’ll never be able to please everyone. As long as your girls are happy, then that’s all that matters. I still remember the day I got my ears pierced – it was the last day of Grade 1 AND I lost a tooth that day too. I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror at my ears!

    February 27, 2013 at 3:40 am

    • The girls are well pleased! I guess it’s just a case of making the right choices. Being a parent is such a massive responsibility.

      February 27, 2013 at 5:35 pm

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