Life, Love, and Passports

Through the looking glass

Ever have those days where you just feel a little off centre? You’re not ill or in any kind of trouble but somehow your world seems tilted. I don’t have too many of those days but on the odd occasion that I do I always find myself questioning the quality of the life I’m living and wonder whether I could give more of myself to make a mark and leave a legacy.

I do the best I can but is that enough? Could I dig just a little deeper and find that there is indeed much more than I initially thought?
So I’ve looked inside and found that I’m doing the best I can where I find myself. There is always room for improvement but I’ve concluded that my life is filled with many good things and I must never fall into the trap of comparing my life with others. We each have a path to travel my duty is to journey at my optimum.

So, I’ve done a self evaluation and concluded it’s just one of those days. There is no need for panic or fear. Self-doubt will not be allowed to take up residence in my head. Onwards and upwards from here. You only get one shot at this life – make it count!


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