Life, Love, and Passports

My sugar rush

I am not a self confessed gamer I’m more of a dabbler. Occasionally I find games that are fun, laid back and usually colourful. So while my kids are totally taken up with Temple Run I have not managed to get the knack of the game mainly because I can’t take the fast pace and I’m afraid of heights so running from beasts on a rocky bridge is just not for me.

Candy crush to the rescue! I downloaded the game and it’s draining the life out of me. Generally I’m not an addictive gamer but this game has a bit too much of my attention. When I sit back and think about the absurdity and this is usually while I’m waiting for another life because I refuse to buy more lives. Though I must admit every time I’m locked out of the game my resistance wears down. Somebody stop me please I’m being held hostage by an online game.

My life was so much easier while Ninja Fruit was an occasional companion. I’m optimistic that the novelty will wear off like all the other games before and I can go back to being a non gaming mom. I’m worried now that this could escalate and I end up finding myself waiting for the next big thing. Of course it would have to have beautiful colours of the rainbow with occasional bursts of colourful flavour like a sugar candy rush!


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