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Archive for March 16, 2013

Magic numbers

I had the weirdest experience which showed me just how I roll from day to day. My husband had a problem with his bank card and needed to sort out a bill in cash…by the way I always find those little shops a little bit suspicious when they request cash only. It means one of two things they’re either dodgy or just don’t trust their customers.
He then suggested that he use my card and being the kind person that I am I obliged. What followed next was a fit of me actually laughing out loud. He gets to the cash machine and calls me for my very secret pin and for the life of me I could not remember it that’s how secret it is and after two failed attempts I issued him with a caution to come home with my card. He walks into the house in absolute disbelief and all I can suggest is that I physically go to the machine because the numbers will become really obvious and in my mind all I see are these number combinations that will make themselves known. That is exactly what happened. How absurd!

I have a long history with numbers and though I’ve seen some improvement I still have a space in my head that refuses to learn my mobile number my rationale is that I never need to call myself and I quickly realise how idiotic it is when I misplace my phone and have to call from my landline and of course it will be on silent. Note to self: Learn your mobile number!