Life, Love, and Passports

It’s a dogs life

I’m no animal lover by my own admission. I’ve not grown up surrounded by family pets but have always loved feel good stories with animals and the occasional visit to the zoo. I’m not an animal activist but agree that animals should be taken care of and treated well. My seven year old daughter Charis is a keen animal lover and has a special fondness for dogs in particular. She hopes to become a veterinary surgeon some day and has already done some ‘work experience’. If it was up to her we’d be the owners of a dog hotel. I fear the day will eventually arrive when we’ll run out of excuses for not having a dog.

I may have mentioned in a previous blog about my mini habit of looking into strangers shopping trolleys because I’m always interested in what people eat and what they feed their animals. I must admit I’m always surprised when I see people buying value range food for themselves and premium products for their cat or dog. I often hear people refer to their dogs in particular as part of their families and how they treat them as such. Honestly I just don’t get it and I’m putting it down to my lack of experience with pets.

I recently spoke to a individual who’d fallen on tough times and was finding it hard to feed himself never mind his dog. I asked if he’d perhaps consider finding another home for his pet and he looked shocked that I’d even suggest such a thing. After a bit of a discussion I came to realise that he needed his dog as much as it needed him perhaps even more. I’ve now realised that I don’t give these canine friends enough credit for the part they play in individuals and families lives. So, considering the amazing feats they are capable of I think they do deserve to be treated ever so often!


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