Life, Love, and Passports

My baking challenge revisited

We are all still enjoying our Easter holiday break. It seems weird considering that Easter has long gone. Being on holiday is a perfect opportunity to try out new treats to bake. That’s what I’ve been doing during our break the only thing I’ve been neglecting to do is to take pictures consistently of my handiwork.

As per usual cupcakes always feature after all they are the perfect bake for showcasing mini eggs in nests. I delighted my girls with a childhood favourite crunchies much like a flap jack just crunchier. Chocolate cake was next on the agenda and it was wonderful my girls are in charge of decorating and love overdoing the toppings whether it be sprinkles, icing, eggs or cute little sugar pieces. Step in double chocolate cherry muffins occasionally I bake something so sweet that even the children complain about the sugar content though they were more than happy to help preparing what seemed like mountains of chocolate pieces. My final bake was a Victoria sponge cake and though I was initially disappointed with its appearance once it was stacked it looked presentable and tasted moreish. So far the bakes have been successful and my motivation increases with every success!

I’ve not built up the courage to attempt bread…yet! The reason for this is partly because all of my recipes start with words like ‘this easy, no fuss, family favourite’ and that’s how I’ve been choosing my baking repertoire. It is a bit safe but I’m not a massive risk taker not yet anyway.


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