Life, Love, and Passports

The panic room

Charis my 7yr old daughter did her grade 1 violin exam today. A large part of her Easter break was spent practising exam pieces, scales, sight reading and aural tests. There were days when she’d just huff and puff from sheer frustration and others when she’d just get on with her practice. We did make sure she got to do stuff she enjoys like craft, going to the movies, baking and attending a jazz session. I still think learning a musical instrument should be fun alas it appears it’s much more than that!

Last night she said she needed a early night so she could be fresh and prepared. She slept peacefully through the night while I was having restless dreams of waking up way too late for her to do the exam. Never mind the pressure of taking an exam I felt the pressure of being a mother and wanting her to do her best and letting her know it would be good enough. She described the practice room at her exam venue as a panic room because she felt scared. I do wish there was an easier way to grade the music. She’ll wait a while for her results but in the meantime we’ll all enjoy a break from the rigorous schedule.

Tonight I’m looking forward to a peaceful sleep filled with visions of daffodils!


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