Life, Love, and Passports

Terror and fear

I cannot describe how heavy my heart feels as I watch footage from the explosions at the Boston marathon. Having said that I cannot imagine the fear, panic and sheer terror of all those people in the street participating and spectating. When a act so callous takes place it’s very hard not to feel overcome by crippling fear.

There are now fears over the safety at the London marathon this weekend. While the event may pass without incident no doubt people will have much trepidation. It seems rather unfair that a few cowardly, faceless individuals should hold us hostage by their erratic acts of terror.

Tonight many questions remain unanswered and that in itself further fuels the fear so many feel.
Condolences go out to the ones who didn’t and couldn’t get away and a speedy recovery to those hospitalised.

So on this Patriots’ day my hope is that the perpetrators are found swiftly and dealt with in the most severe way. Nobody should feel they have the right to use such force on any members of society. Why shouldn’t we have the right to live without fear?


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