Life, Love, and Passports

Prison break

I’ve long been fascinated by prison escapes and never pass up an opportunity to catch up on stories chronicling such acts. Firstly, I can’t imagine being in prison and if I was then escaping would not be something I’d think of.
Shawshank redemption is still one of my favourite movies though I must admit I feel there must something fundamentally wrong with me for willing a man to escape from prison.

The real life accounts that I’ve watched are so fascinating even though it becomes apparent from the get go that they don’t get too far for too long. It always seems like such a waste of time and planning but its always clear that freedom no matter how short lived is worth it.

I’ve learnt more than enough now to know how to make it successfully on the outside. How you decide to leave is really just a matter of opportunity and in my opinion this is actually the easiest part because the planning has no deadline but once you jump that face, cut through it or jump from a roof from that moment you have no room for mistakes or second thoughts. From the moment you cross the line you go from prisoner to fugitive.

To avoid being recaptured you need good, trustworthy friends who’ll give assistance with little or no questions asked. Resources are your key to freedom because once you escape you need an airtight plan and this may mean travelling to a country where authorities may find you but will never be able to bring you back. Mexico always seems like the destination of choice. It may well be what movie producers would like us to believe. I imagine the hardest part will be severing all ties with family in order to start a new life.

Are escapees really free? It seems not because having restricted movement and constantly looking over your shoulder is really no way to live. Or perhaps it does beat being in the prison system.

Disclaimer: I have never assisted a prisoner to escape and have no knowledge of any escapees. I’m just guilty of having an over active imagination.


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