Life, Love, and Passports

Ambassador of justice

I’m always so encouraged by people who find a cause to support and do it with such commitment. I know a few of those people raising awareness about cancer, mental illness, childhood diseases and animal projects. The list is endless.

Recently I spoke to a young lady who lamented about the lack of interest of people when it comes to lending a helping hand. I understand how frustrating it is when you’re passionate about something and you’re met with what seems like disinterest. The truth is there are many paths to take and it can be quite bewildering choosing one but it certainly doesn’t exclude the ability to assist where you can. After all we can all help in some way.

I’m passionate about seeing the end to modern day slavery. While it appears to be impossible I’ve no doubt it can be done. What’s your interest? How can you help those who are in distress? There’s always something we can do and there is always somebody less fortunate. Will you lend a hand of hope?


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