Life, Love, and Passports

I’ve been Harley’d

I think I’ve calmed down sufficiently to share my absolute joy of been given a ride on a beautiful Harley Davidson. I’ve had some pretty amazing moments in my life and after mulling over my over the top celebrations I’ve come to the conclusion that it was the surprise that got me so terribly excited. When I left home on Saturday morning to do a food collection from the local bikers club for the central Foodbank it did not cross my mind that I may get the ride of my life!

As a student nurse I developed this absolute fascination with motorbikes and my father was not too keen on me wanting to own one. Up until Saturday my only experience with motorbikes was a late night ride in Cape Town many moons ago with a dear friend.
I’m now convinced that all that love and appreciation of all things fast and shiny came back to me in a flood of euphoria when I heard the rumble which announced the impending arrival of those bikers. The moment I laid eyes on their wheels of steel I was in Harley Heaven.

We all have dreams and I figure if they’re attainable they’re just to do activities. One of my dreams came true and I have many more which seem out of reach at the moment but I’m certain now it’s not impossible. It can happen at any time we just need to be prepared!


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