Life, Love, and Passports

The beast is out!

Yesterday I had what seemed like the umpteenth visit to the dentist in the smallest time scale. After much back and forth I’d come to a decision with the dentist to remove a tooth. Once the date had been decided I began feeling very nervous and began to expect the worst. This was highly unusual because I have no fear or anxiety when it comes to dental visits. Admittedly my trust in dentists came much later in life. These days a visit to the dentist is as casual as popping out for a coffee.

While lying in the chair staring at the light with my hands clasped I prayed under my breath that the extraction would be a walk in the park and it was. I let out a sigh of relief when the dentist announced “the beast is out”. For all the problems that molar gave me I think his description was spot on.

The highlight of my appointment was informing the dentist I wanted my extracted tooth. The shock and surprise was funny. Truth is I really wanted to take my chance with the tooth fairy. I quickly realised that I may not get my weight in enamel so I’ve decided to treat myself for my bravery.

In the meantime the relief is amazing. I hope now that I’ll have the regulated six month break before I have to waltz back in.


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