Life, Love, and Passports

Entertaining angels unaware

Whilst having a conversation with a friend she remarked how the unexpected generosity of a relative stranger had a profound affect on her. Her only regret was that she had not really taken the time to get to know the individual. I guess we can blame that on being preoccupied with the people who we’ve built a rapport with. Truth is it’s hard to imagine that people need assistance when we’re comfortable.

It got me thinking of the opportunities we are often afforded to be an angel to somebody in need. There are many times where a little helping hand could make a world of difference if we’d just take the time out to care not just to people who’ll reward us for our kindness but also the randoms we encounter along the way. After our conversation I’ve decided not to just wait for opportunities to show kindness but to also look for them.

People across the world no matter what the state of their lives could do with an act of kindness. Will you be an angel to somebody in need?


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