Life, Love, and Passports

The battlefield of life

One of the things I enjoy in life is having a good conversation whether serious, funny, lighthearted or even exchanges with complete strangers. Being a bit of a motor mouth I have to constantly remind myself to listen to people because the truth is nobody appreciates an individual who thrives on being heard and never listens. I haven’t been doing too badly but I know I can do better we all can!

In the past few weeks I’ve met people facing many different challenges. From the outside looking in things often appear pretty much perfect. Though I’m well aware that there is no perfection in this life it still unhinges me when I realise how imperfect some situations truly are.

I’ve been challenging myself to show some understanding because you just don’t know when people are at breaking point. Being less judgemental when dealing with people and realising that we all have different coping thresholds. I’m desperate to be a better person and sometimes I fall short but I am trying and that’s the best I can do.

So today if you meet somebody fighting a battle reach out and offer help. You and I may be just what they need to get them across that battle line.


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