Life, Love, and Passports

The only way is up!

I’ve decided rather reluctantly to add my view on the naming of the latest celebrity baby. I’d like to make it clear from the outset that I’m no fan of Kanye or Kim though I do find her face rather beautiful. Now they’ve had a baby and the public response is they’ve given her a ridiculous name. I’ve given the name North a thought and though it sounds like the result of thoughtless parents. I’d like to suggest that they were actually quite strategic and if North West is typed into a search engine what do you think you’ll find. Trust me the first thing you’ll find has nothing to do with directions!

As a mother of three I know what a difficult and painstaking decision it was to name our girls. Trying to find names that weren’t too difficult to pronounce (still a problem) and ensuring they didn’t rhyme with our last name resulting in them sounding like characters in a riddle. Though we were pleased with our choices our girls still complain but I’m sure they’ll get over it and if they don’t they can change them.

Spare a thought then for these celebrity parents who wanted a memorable, headline grabbing name. It’s worked because that’s what people are talking about. Any publicity is good publicity. Should they have more children I’m afraid the directional choice would just show a serious lack of imagination. For now though they’ve set a trend and for that they should be applauded.

Perhaps we’re accustomed to traditional names and anything out of the ordinary has us doing a double take. Just cast your mind back to the first time you heard a child named after a country, fruit, cars and other unusual combinations. These days nobody bats an eyelid upon hearing Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughters name Apple or Jamie Oliver’s playful combinations which include names like Boo and Bear. I suspect it will be the same with little North West. In the meantime spare a thought for her parents who are desperate for her to stand out in a house where everybody’s name seems to start with the letter K!


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