Life, Love, and Passports

Hello Friday!

Whilst I agree that each day should be cherished and that living for the weekend is a waste of time. For me Friday is the day that lets me know that I’ve been successful and survived the many trials and successes of the past week.

Looking back over the last few days it has been a bit of a mixed bag. My husband and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. It was a wonderful reminder of how far we’ve come. It’s amazing to think that we still have so much more to discover and our future together is still very bright.

It’s school sports season and I had two whole mornings of listening to shrieking kids cheering their teams on. Admittedly I did do quite a bit of shouting myself and I’ve got video evidence to prove it. I can’t say it brought back any sporting memories for me. For starters when I was in primary school you had to qualify to take part there was no such grading this time around it really was a case of it’s the taking part that counts. I’m not too certain which system I prefer.

On the downside this past week my patience was tested by difficult people and tricky confrontations. Sadly I was not proud of the outcome and walked away wishing I’d handled these situations differently. That’s done and dusted now and I’ll no doubt have another opportunity to put my problem solving skills to good use if I don’t get totally wrapped up in the situation like I was this last week.

This morning I’ve been helping out with painting of backdrops for my girls’ schools year end production of Oliver. Some days you just need to do things that have no right or wrong outcome. It was great catching up with parents and the strawberries and cream were an added bonus. All in all it was a rather relaxed environment.

The weekend is nearly upon us and a well deserved rest will be enjoyed by us all. The week ahead is full of mystery and my duty is to do the best I can with whatever comes my way!


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